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Delivering end to end payroll testing services you can trust

The most critical phase in any HR or payroll transformation project is testing.  At Global HRIS we are experts in payroll testing and have hundreds of payroll parallel tests under our belts.

Unless your in-house payroll resources have worked for an outsourcing company, they will not have much experience implementing a new payroll system.

This is where Global HR Implementation Services comes in.

Global HRIS can support your projects testing phases no matter whether you have chosen a managed service or a new in-house payroll system.

No matter which payroll provider you are working with we can support you and your payroll project.

We can provide a number of testing related services, such as:

  • Actually doing the testing for you using our own templates and reconciliation tools
  • Project managing and leading your test phases, to ensure they coordinate with all stakeholders.
  • Training your payroll team on different types of testing so they understand what will be expected of them

The only thing we don’t do is data entry because we don’t want to steal valuable hands-on experience from your teams.

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