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Payroll RFP (Request For Pricing): Making sure you get the right services and software to fit your business

Unless your core business is in HR or payroll, you might not know what you want in terms of a payroll service or system. And it can be daunting going out to market for new systems if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Many businesses go out looking for a new payroll service or system without really knowing or understanding what their needs are, or what’s on offer for them. This is risky territory as you may end up purchasing the wrong solution for your business.
To stop this from happening, our team of experienced HR implementation consultants will work with you to ensure you get the HR and payroll services that are the perfect fit for your organisation.

Whether you’re a global enterprise company looking to consolidate multiple countries with one provider, or a small business growing out of your current situation, we have the experience and knowledge to guide to you the right solution and transform how you manage HR and payroll within the business.

Working with you, we can do the heavy lifting by reviewing your current payroll and HR software and look at your processes and payroll services to help you identify if there is a business case to change and improve what you’re doing now.

Using the information from the review, we’ll be able to support you in producing a request for information (RFI) which will allow you to collect the data from the providers, hitting your brief and meeting the core values of your company.

We’ve worked with many large global providers of payroll and HR software, so we
understand the market and what’s on offer. Our team will help and assist you to find a solution which gives you what you need. Taking the stress away and allowing you to spend more time and focus doing what you do best.

We have experience using a range of different, globally recognised HR and payroll tools and software, so you’ll be able to rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the right decision, enabling you to transform your current solution and improve processes.

To learn more about how Global HRIS can support you with RFI and developing a business case, contact us today by calling 0161 291 9867 or use our contact form.

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