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Introducing Pay Perk Plus, Your New Salary Sacrifice Scheme Maximise your perks and minimise your sacrifices

What is a salary sacrifice scheme?

A salary sacrifice scheme is an increasingly popular employee benefit scheme in the UK. Under this Government-backed scheme, employees agree to give up part of their salary in exchange for benefits such as pension contributions, childcare vouchers, and cycle-to-work schemes. 

It’s a win-win, as employers can also benefit from lower National Insurance contributions. 

Enter Pay Perk Plus, a brand-new salary sacrifice solution designed to empower small to medium-sized businesses across the UK. 

Say goodbye to the complexity of managing these schemes, and welcome a streamlined, user-friendly experience, delivered by our team of payroll professionals. 


Unlock Financial Rewards With Pay Perk Plus, Your New Salary Sacrifice Solution 

Benefits Of Salary Sacrifice Schemes

For Your Employees
  • Maximise tax savings by reducing income tax and National Insurance contributions, boosting your take-home pay
  • Customise your compensation package for tailored employee benefits, including cars
  • Enhance your retirement planning by contributing to pension schemes for long-term financial security 
  • Enjoy a variety of perks such as private health insurance
As An Employer
  • Save your business money by reducing your National Insurance contributions
  • Enhance your employee benefits without increasing the wage bill
  • Improve your workplace culture and increase both morale and productivity


Explore the features of Pay Perk Plus 

For employers:
  • Easy set-up with payroll systems
  • Secure data handling
  • Support and training resources from our team of payroll and HR professionals
For your employees:
  • Customise your benefits package
  • Educational resources about your chosen salary sacrifice scheme


Pay Perk Plus: A Tailored Solution For Your Business, Delivered By Our Team Of Payroll Experts 

Protecting Your Payroll 

Salary sacrifice schemes can impact your payroll, leaving your business at risk of fines, penalties and compliance errors. 

We’ll deliver a tailored solution for your business that will protect your payroll and ensure compliance with all regulations. 

Trust us to deliver your new salary sacrifice scheme through Pay Perk Plus. 


Pay Perk Plus Is A Free Service For Businesses 

Our salary sacrifice scheme is a completely free service for those who use our selected benefit providers. 

We make this possible through our partnerships with leading benefit providers. Through these partnerships, we receive some commission, and this enables us to deliver our services to you without charging you any fees.

If you choose to opt for your own providers, we’ll share a bespoke quote for our services. We understand that every business is different, and our flexible options ensure you receive the most value from your new scheme.


How Salary Sacrifice Schemes Work

Salary sacrifice schemes involve employees and employers agreeing to allocate a part of the salary towards non-cash benefits of their choice. 

Employees can select benefits such as childcare vouchers, and the chosen amount is deducted from their salary before tax calculations. 


Get Started With Pay Perk Plus Today

Experience the advantages of Pay Perk Plus for your business. You’ll be supported by a team of dedicated payroll experts who will simplify the implementation of your salary sacrifice scheme. 

Getting started is easy – connect with us now to explore the benefits, unlock financial rewards, and ensure a safe, secure and compliant payroll for your business. 

Embrace the future of employee benefits with Pay Perk Plus!


Frequently Asked Questions About Salary Sacrifice 

How much do employers save with Salary Sacrifice?

The amount will vary depending on the specific benefits offered and your employees’ salary. However, employers can save thousands through salary sacrifice schemes by a reduction on National Insurance contributions. 


How does salary sacrifice work on payslip?

On a payslip, salary sacrifice is shown in the reduced gross salary. This adjusted gross salary contributes to lower income tax and National Insurance contributions, maximising take-home pay for employees. 


Who pays for salary sacrifice?

In a salary sacrifice scheme, it is only the employee that pays for this service, not the employer. The employee agrees to sacrifice a portion of their salary for specific non-cash benefits, and in return, the employer will experience reduced National Insurance contributions. 

As there’s no cost to an employer, it’s a win-win situation for businesses, who can potentially save significant amounts of money in National Insurance contributions, without incurring extra costs. Although there will be some small administrative responsibilities as an employer, the overall savings far outweigh the additional efforts. 


Pay Perk Plus: No Need To Sacrifice Anything 

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