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Let Global HRIS extract your stress, transform your data migration experience and load your confidence

Data migration is always on the critical path because, without it, your testing and go-live cut-over cannot take place. Therefore, we understand how important it is, which is why we offer data migration in our suite of project services.  When you bring your data migration project to us, you can expect the finest level of detail and accuracy to go into the project.

Why it’s important

From our extensive experience, we know that two of the biggest pain points are data cleansing and data transformation. Which is why our team are on hand to help get your data from A to B, quickly and accurately.

Data cleansing is by far the most common and difficult of the two issues.  So what do we mean when we say data cleansing?  Put simply, it means the data in the source system chosen for the data migration does not match data elsewhere.

There are usually 3 reasons for this:

  • HR system & Payroll system data are misaligned because of double keying
  • Missing data in the legacy Payroll or HRIS
  • Employee self-service entries have not controlled data formats

How we do it

Depending on the legacy systems, we will begin by completing the data cleansing exercise.  Global HRIS then follows the ETL Process (Extract, Transform & Load) which is considered to be the industry best practice.  Consequently, this enables us to smoothly manage everything, keeping it simple for you.

Extracting is usually the simplest part and the fun begins with the data transformation. We will work closely with your supplier to get your data in order so they can process it quickly and accurately

The team at Global HRIS have many years of experience in transforming data from one system to another, so however complex your current data may be, we should be able to help.

We’ve got tools

Our team’s experience carrying out data migration is extensive, but they are only human.  This is why we developed our own data migration validation tools. Using the tools our team is able to quickly validate master data and the all-important Year to Date figures.

These tools provide a lot of feedback which will give you the confidence that the data migration has been carried out successfully and very accurately.  This will leave you to carry out your testing or the remaining go-live cut-over activities worry-free.

We want to take the stress out of migrating your current data system, and our team of consultants have many years of experience in successfully and smoothly managing these sorts of projects.

Whether you’re a global enterprise or a small business, we have the expertise to help your payroll & HR data migration.

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