Payroll RFP: Everything You Need To Know

An RFP (Request for Pricing) can help you find a new payroll system that meets your unique business needs. It’s a useful tool, although it can be incredibly complex. But there’s no need to panic; here we share everything you need to include in your payroll RFP.

Switching your payroll service is a monumental task. You need to be clear on what you want; if the wrong system is implemented, it can be a major setback that could cost you both time and money. Here at Global HRIS, we’re with you every step of your payroll switch. We offer an RFP for payroll services. We’ll also work with you to build a business case to change and improve your current payroll setup.


Be clear, concise and direct

Your RFP should specify exactly what you’re looking for in a new payroll service. It’s best to be direct and specific. You should tell vendors any challenges with your current payroll setup. For example, note down any issues you have with late payments or compliance. This should ensure vendors give you a specific plan that meets these needs. Keep in mind also that an RFP is formal, so it’s vital you write in a formal business tone.

If you’re unsure what your requirements are, help is at hand through our RFP payroll service. We’ll review your current payroll and HR software and identify any areas that could be improved. Our support doesn’t end there; we will work with you to produce an RFP that meets your unique business requirements too.


Set strict deadlines

At the onset of your payroll search, it’s crucial you develop a timeline. This may begin with your search process and end with the implementation of your new payroll system. A timeline isn’t only useful for you; it will provide your vendors with key deadlines.

Timing is a vital step in the RFP payroll process. Here at Global HRIS, we pride ourselves on our strict deadlines. Our payroll RFP service is no different; our team of consultants will work with you to create a detailed timeline that emulates the needs of your business.

Note down your non-negotiables

Every business has unique requirements for a new payroll system. Essential functions you require may include technical support, compliance or paperless payslips. Ensure you include any specific requests in your RFP. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the vendors to address these issues and offer a solution.

You may have an idea of what you want in your new payroll system, however, it can be complex to hone in on specific requirements. This is where Global HRIS can help; our payroll RFP service supports you every step of the way.


Request background information

Choosing the wrong payroll system can have disastrous consequences for your business. So it’s important you familiarise yourself with the vendor before you commit. You can do this by requesting information about the vendor. This will determine their core values, stability and reliability of the company.

You should include background on your business too. Although not vital, a bit of background can do a lot for introducing vendors to your needs. Outline what your business does, who your customers are and your goals.


Ask for references

Another way to familiarise yourself with the vendors is to request examples of case studies and references. Switching your payroll service is a huge commitment, so it’s best to be clued up about any potential vendors. A reliable company will have both of these at-hand.

Here at Global HRIS, we work with many large global payroll providers. So we understand the market and what’s on offer. We will guide you throughout the payroll RFP process, whatever your needs.


Establish a strong relationship

Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong relationship on both sides. An excellent payroll provider should be happy to answer any questions you have and will guide you with no pressure. It’s vital you communicate your requirements and the deadline from the outset too.


A change to your payroll can get complicated. So take the stress away and let us do the heavy lifting. Our payroll RFP service will support you at every step of the switch.

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