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  • Five benefits of outsourcing your payroll

    Payroll is an integral part of your business that requires a lot of time and attention. Outsourcing your payroll is an effective alternative and can bring many benefits to your business. From reducing costs and risks to freeing up time...

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  • Payroll Parallel Testing Checklist

    Payroll parallel testing provides assurance that your employees’ pay is being calculated correctly before you switch your payroll system. During parallel testing, the old payroll system (legacy payroll system) is run alongside your new payroll software. This identifies any issues...

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  • Five Factors To Consider When Choosing Payroll Software

    Payroll affects every aspect of your business. Whether you want to update your current payroll software or outsource your payroll, it’s a process you need to get right. Your payroll not only needs to be both accurate and efficient; it’s...

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