We would love to hear about how we can help your global payroll project, but if you have any burning questions hopefully you'll find the answer below.

I see you are based in the UK, but can you help with global payroll?

Put simply, yes we can. We are experts in UK payroll, but through experience, we feel right at home working global payroll projects as well.

Our Implementation Consultants have a really good working knowledge of a lot of countries different payroll requirements.

All of our implementation consultants are home-based and we are used to remote working. We utilise a number of software tools that make us really good at it.

It will never replace the value you get from a face to face workshop or meeting, but it's the next best thing.

Will I really get a dedicated consultant?

Yes, you really will!! At Global HRIS we're not huge fans of multi-tasking, so when you work with us your lead consultant will be solely dedicated to you. As a result, our team will have no distractions from what is most important to us.......your project.

How will you keep my employee’s PII data secure during transfer?

At Global HRIS nothing is more important to us than protecting your data especially your employee's PII data. We will never use email for the transfer of PII data and instead transfer data via SFTP.

I would like onsite support during my local or global payroll project, is that an issue?

No, it's not! Our Implementation Consultants have no issues travelling to where you need us to be.

At Global HRIS we're big believers that there is a lot of value in face to face interactions. Things generally move more quickly with everyone in the same room and it greatly reduces the number of distractions vs. remote working.

Do you work on a time & materials basis or fixed price?

At Global HRIS we are happy to do both to best suit your needs.

If you'd prefer the benefit of knowing costs upfront to better plan your budget, this is ok with us. Based on your requirements and our extensive experience, we will calculate the number of days for each service required.

However, if you'd prefer the benefit of flexibility, then we're also happy to invoice on a time & materials basis.

Depending on the service you choose, our daily rate varies from £300-£750+VAT per day.

Find out more about how we can help you by calling Global HRIS today on +44 161 317 2903 or get in touch through our website.
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