Five benefits of outsourcing your payroll

Payroll is an integral part of your business that requires a lot of time and attention. Outsourcing your payroll is an effective alternative and can bring many benefits to your business. From reducing costs and risks to freeing up time and resources, here we share the benefits of outsourcing your payroll.

Here at Global HRIS, we’ve worked with an array of large global providers of payroll software. So we understand the market and what’s on offer. We’ll take the stress away of sourcing a payroll provider so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.


Keeping your payroll in-house can give an initial perception that it is a low-cost option. But there are many hidden costs that can make this an expensive choice. Bear in mind you’ll need to purchase payroll software, provide training for your team and purchase any equipment needed.

Outsourcing your payroll can be a cost-effective alternative. It takes the strain off your existing team, and time-saved is money-saved. Choosing an outsourced payroll provider doesn’t have to be daunting; we can provide you with a service that’s the perfect fit for your business.

If you’re looking for a new provider, we’ve rounded up the largest global payroll providers in 2023, to ease your search.

Enhanced security

Payroll is a sensitive area and keeping data secure has never been more important. Outsourcing your payroll often means greater security and protection for your data. We only recommend globally-recognised payroll and HR software, so rest assured your business is in safe hands with us.


As your business grows, running an in-house payroll can get complicated and time-consuming. Processing payroll demands a lot of time and attention to detail. Outsourcing gives you back this time and reduces your admin burden.

Here at Global HRIS, we’ll review your current in-house processes and support you at every step of your payroll transition. Our main focus is to implement the best payroll solution for your business, and most importantly, your employees.


Running your payroll in-house means greater exposure to regulatory authorities and potential fines. Regulations are constantly changing too, so ensuring your team are aware of any new statutory requirements is a must.

Outsourcing can bring you peace of mind that your payroll is being accurately calculated and in-line with all compliance requirements.


Payroll administration comes with a vast amount of administrative and regulatory tasks. Outsourcing your payroll means you’ll have a wealth of experience at your disposal. That is to say, a good payroll service provider will understand all the ins & and outs of your payroll and will be able to support you with any queries you have.

Here at Global HRIS, our dedicated team will assist you to find a solution that meets your business’s requirements.


To sum up, every business’s payroll is unique. Whether you’ve grown out of your current in-house setup, or you’d just like to review your processes, we’re here to help. We can work with you to provide an outsourcing payroll package that’s specially adapted to your company’s needs.


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