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Discover who we are and what we do at Global HR Implementation Services and how we provide full HR and payroll implementation services to empower your business evolution.

Our mission

At Global HR Implementation Services, it’s our mission to help businesses through their HR & Payroll digital transformation journies. Our team have over 12 years of experience in implementing HR and payroll solutions to some of the world’s leading HR and Payroll outsourcing providers.  As a result, our team are able to provide a high level of service that is achieved through expertise and experience.

Our experience

The Global HRIS team has experience working for some large outsourcing providers.  These include SD Worx/Ceridian, Safeguard Global, NGA HR & Zellis.  Similarly, we have experience working with global & regional software brands and provider.  Most significantly of which in the global market are SAP Successfactors, Workday, NGA euHReka, Kronos & iiPay.  In terms of local markets, a few we have worked with are Resourcelink, Abacus, Elanor, Ramco, Greytip & Ascent.

Our reason for being

Whilst working for a global payroll outsourcing business, our founder realised a simple fact. That is, outsourcing providers implement payroll systems  & services for a day job and their customers do not.  In other words, no matter how good BPO providers get at running projects, their customers always have to play catch-up.

This is where Global HR Implementation Services steps in because we will be your project team.  Through our experience & expertise, we understand what is required when implementing these systems & services.  Consequently, our teams can ensure your business hits the ground running in these projects.

When you partner with Global HRIS, you’re not paying for hours of our time, you’re paying for years of our experience.

A flexible range of project services

We have the flexibility to fit our services into your current project or programme team where you feel you need extra support, or we can be your project team leaving you to do your day job.

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Ensuring project success

Discover how Global HR Implementation Services provide and roll out world-class HR and payroll solutions to help transform your business.

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